Orange Bar
Quail Hollow Ranch


In addition to programs in natural history so that visitors of all ages can appreciate, respect and be inspired by the park’s beauty and biodiversity, we fund infrastructure to improve safety, such as the railings along the front steps to the visitor center.

Just completed:

  • Worked with Granite Rock to install large rock barriers on Quail Hollow road trailhead to discourage off-road vehicles from entering park trails. Currently working with Park Department to get new signage preventing motorized vehicles on trails
  • Sponsored Americorps teams to remove extensive old barbed wire from trails and construct new wooden fence along Quail Hollow Road perimeter and at the far southern end of the Discovery trail.
  • Provided and hand tools and meals for Americorps teams working on annual park maintenance and cleanup projects.
  • Paid for the installation of safety hand railings at entrance to the Visitor Center.
  • Purchased and installed new brochure rack in visitor center.
  • Paid for building wooden notice box installed at park entrance.
  • Installed collection box in Visitor Center to encourage donations to the park.
  • Sponsored building of 2 new taxidermy boxes for animal specimens in the Visitor Center.
  • Volunteered At Redwood Mountain Fair to raise money for Quail Hollow. Manned table for Quail Hollow at Earth Days in Santa Cruz.
  • Helped coordinate and publicize annual Granite Rock Quail Hollow Fundraiser.
  • Advocated for Quail Hollow Park at County budgeting sessions.
  • Supplied refreshments and helped organize annual volunteer appreciation meetings.
  • Sponsored a complete new garden plan to be installed in the area in front of and adjacent to the Visitor Center.

Planned Projects include:

  • An impressive Garden Design Plan has been donated and Friends will be instrumental in implementing the new plantings, borders, ground cover, etc.

Watch this space for news and updates!